Hello, my name is I-Contrast. I am a young, passionate and nature loving individual, who is simply in love with the irresistible, heart melting and lip smacking taste of ice creams. Therefore, I am in a courtship with this sweet ecstasy, where not only do I enjoy its heavenly pleasures, but I also allow all you sweet lovers out there to stimulate your taste buds.

We, in this great state of Gujarat, are sweet mavericks. All our resolutions and concerns shed at the first sight of sweet, especially icecream. Given that I am a part of you, I understand how sensual you feel to bite into a spoonful of ice-cream, and allow it to melt into your mouth. As its chill alluringly engulfs our taste buds, a panacea like taste lingers on for a while.

Being young, I am willing to experiment. Therefore, I regularly invent new and adventurous flavours to further fulfil your insatiable desire. I am a value oriented man, and there are a few values which I live by. Sans these values, I and my ice-creams are worthless.

Some of them are mentioned below:
  • Team Work

    I have brought together a team which loves ice-creams as much as I do. All of us are inclined towards giving our customers a memorable experience.
  • Innovation

    What is the fun of having something regular & run-of-the-mill all the time? We innovate to bring out newer flavours, and add to variety of our offerings.
  • Health

    It is paining when people tell me that ice-creams aren’t healthy. With my ice-creams, you will experience a combination of taste and health. They are always made of 100% milk and rich cream, and no artificial agents are ever utilized.
  • Quality

    Finally, I know that our ice-cream experience is rich when the quality is top notch. That is what I, and my team, ensure.
Varieties Of
Along with natural & premium icecream flavors that we manufacture, A visit to our parlor delight you taste buds with our Thick Shakes, Sundaes, Soda Pops, Soft Serves & More.
Peep into our menu below.
  • Sc-oops
  • Thick Shakes
  • Sundaes
  • Softy serves
  • Coffees & More
  • Jellos & Softy
  • Soda Pop
A lush , sweet bud the sun has kissed. Picked and served with cream...The Blue berry should not be missed ;)
Alphanso Mango
The sweetest fruit picked from Ratnagiri, Valsad and Talala, you love it even in your Pajamas.Simply enjoy the dessert
American Dry Fruit
The sweetest fruit picked from Ratnagiri, Valsad and Talala, you love it even in your Pajamas.Simply enjoy the dessert
Monkeys, Gorillas and the kids love me, how bout you?
Bubble Gum
With this bubble gum there is always double fun. You cannot forbid a kid for a bit. If you resist, the kid will be pissed
Butter Scotch
This butter will melt even the hunter. I contrast's butter scotch will smooth a Scorpian, Aquarian or Saggitarian.
Enjoy it.
Cadbury Almond
Almonds are the diamonds burried in the Cadbury. Enjoy the most deliciously nutritious ice-cream available.
Cake Magic
Soft cake between the cream with some chocolate by the side. This cake flake will help you take a break from boring snoring desserts
Some cold watermelon in hot afternoon, but not better than ice cream in December or June. Nothing better than a watery watermelon ice cream.
Cheese Pineapple
Pineapple's skin is so tough , thorny and really rough. But everything rough is seized with a dash of some wonderful cheese. Everyone agrees?
Under the wooly skin, find the sweetness deep within. Peach ice cream will leave you speech-less
Sitting in your villa you can have a cup of vanilla, having it all day long is not at all wrong.
Tender Coconut
No if, no but, you will surely love i-contrast's tender coconut
Premium Strawberry
Berries, berries, ruby red. Wanna try one, Go Ahead!
Plates of strawberries with some cream will show you mouth watering dreams.
Premium Orange
I am peeled and sectioned and then each seed is seperated like a weed.
Then my pulpy stream is blended with some cream, ice cream is presented to you with a gleam.
This Lichi is without any peechi. With so much of pulp you will always be ready to gulp and we bet you will never sulk.
Arabian Delight
Anjeeri and Badaami delight, tsunami you will face with each bite. You might like it during a fight or in twilight ;)
Creamy papaya which is not at all a pariah, grown far from the Himalaya, brought to you in appropriate rupiah.
Mocha Brownie
The mocha with some added coca, some butter and clutter, brownie brought from a townie, mixed with cream in extreme
Caramel Almond
Almonds in form of diamonds mixed with milk, cream and caramel in ample.
Creamy Custard apple you will love in chaple, in market holding a basket, on a bike, in short whenever you like :)
Chocolate Chips
Some dips and chips with milk, cream and chocolate, you will enjoy when you're late, early, or in a hurry.
Choco Caramel Crunch
Some chocolate, caramel in ample with a bunch of crunch, you would be ready to munch after a brunch.
Choco Blast
Lots of chocolate and some cake, easier to bake and make, will cause a quake but you will enjoy leaving everything at stake.
Jambu – color in blue, you two will enjoy near a bamboo, will never bid adieu, only for some fortunate few.
Hazel which will help you dazzle, some nuts and some cream, some milk flowing like silk. It will surely make you bilk.
Chocolate Seduction
Lots of chocolates and lots of cookies which will seduce even a bookie to call a truce with police and his niece.
Kesar Pista
Saffron from a leading barron, pista from Persia, Syria and India....mixed well with milk & cream will twist your scheme and bring you esteem.
Forest Fruit
The creamy fruits you are always ready to loot, you will shoot or play a flute, when you're in boot or you're in a suit.
Swiss chocolate
Chocolate, chocolate and some more chocolate mixed with some extra dark chocolate which will create a spark and lovers will lark
Guava, specially brought from Java and Ottawa, greased with some cream from east, sounds like a feast?
Pan Masala
After the meal, pan is a treat, what better then to have it in a icecream (No Pichkaris !!)
Kaju Draksh
The royal dry fruits in creamy icecream, spoil yourself :)
iContrasr scoops
Chocolate Corner
Rich Chocolate
Chocolate chips
Oreo Shake
Exotic Chocolate/Vanilla
Ferrero Rocher
Fruit Corner
Green Apple
Orange Bliss
Authentic Best
Kesar Pista
Kaju Anjeer
iContrast thickshake
The INDULGE Sundaes
Sahi Gulab Jamun - A royal treat to your taste buds
(Gulab jamuns, a scoop of kesar pista & anjeer topped with kaju & pista dry fruits, anjeer cursh & sprayed with cold chocolate)
Tropical Treat - Fruit Paradise
Two scoops of fruit flavor ice cream mixed with pineapple, lichi, apple etc., topped with fruit pulp & whipped cream & a round red cherry !
Cheesy Retreat - Keep the calories aside :)
A scoop of cheese pineapple icecream & strawberry iceream topped with shredded cheese & pineapple crush & pineapple pieces
Ferrero Rocher - Irressitable isn't it?
The ever loved ferrero rocher chocolate sandwiched between two scoops of fresh hazzelnut icecream,topped with caramel,chocolate sauce & chocolate chips.
Kids Carnival - A depot of chocolates..
Scoop of vanilla and chocolate chips, deliciously mixed with kitkat & topped with chocolate chips, chocolate sauce and gems!! A delight for kids and the old alike !
The Magical Cake - This is for you cake lovers !
Irressistable truffle cake accompanied with a scoop of mocha brownie & vanilla icecream topped with hot chocolate sauce and butterscotch crunch…You will love this…..
Pan Magic – After the meal..
For all pan lovers, we are obliged to offer this
Ice Cream chat – Riot of Fruits
Served in 4 small waffle bowls, fruit chat with 4 different fruit flavors & different fruit sauces
Brownie Mocha Sizzle – The winning combination
Walnut Brownie sandwiched between two ever loved scoops of mocha brownie and orange not to mention the petty toppings
Alphanso The King – Summer Special
Alphanso Mango & VanillaScoop with chopped roasted almonds and pista topped with mango pulp & whipped cream
Sitafal Loot –The black eye fruit
Fresh Sitafal Icecream with sitafal pulp, a true loot of the black eyed fruit
Mix Bag Sundaes
Tall Magic Glory
The tall glass with blissful cookies, vanilla icecream, blue carracoa & strawberry sauce whipped with vanilla icecream with cold chocolate sauce.
Overflowing Titanic
Three scoops of mocha brownie, chocolate chips & vanilla topped with hot chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, crushed brownie, nuts decorated with whipped cream, vermicelli and chocolate waffle sticks
Choco nuts
A scoop of chocolate & vanilla icecream with cold chocolate sauce and heavily loaded with nuts.
Butter Caramel
Butterscotch & Caramel Almond icecream with hazelnut toping & Butterscotch crunch , whipped cream and a red smart cherry.
Fruit Fiesta
Lichi, Pineapple, papaya, cherry served with two fresh scoop of icecream of your choice and topped with fruit crush of your choice
Dry & High
Royal Anjeer & Kesar Pista icecream blended with kaju, badam and pistas topped with anjeer paste and fresh whipped cream.
Soft Serve Sundae
Orange Chic – Not that chic YAR !
Vanilla softy & a scoop of fresh orange icecream with the hot & soft truffle cake, graciously topped with chocolate sauce.
Cool Watermelon – For that hot dry day!
A cheeky scoop of watermelon icecream and vanilla softy with cut fruits.
Anjeer Badam Treat – Guess who will pay for this treat ?
Vanilla Softy and fresh anjeer icecream with sliced badam and anjeer pulp making it an irresistible combination.
Soft Crush (The smoothest sundaes where you will feel the taste in every bit)
Addictive Cookie & Coffee
Soft Serve in a base of rich coffee mixed with cookies
Brownie Comb
Chocolate softy rolled with brownie and chocolate sauce
Pan Masala Treat
Pan Masala Icecream smothered with a vanilla softy, try it to believe
Strawberry Crush
Cut fruits, vanilla softy, with blue berry & strawberry jellos.
iContrast sandaes
A traditional delight !
Choco Vanilla
The ever loved , ever green combination
Chocolate Sin
Sinful chocolate smoothy
Chocolate Dip
Your choice of softy dipped in hot chocolate sauce, the choco bar effect
Nutty Chocolate chips
Nuts hiding in inside the chocolate dipped vanilla softy, every loved and ever admired
Vibrant nuts
Smiling Gems rolled over smoothest softy
iContrast softyserves
Cold Café
Café Choco
I Contrast Special
Cold coffee with a chocolate blend, filled with cookies & a lot of cream, topped with waffle !
Hazzelnut Surprise
A fine blend of coffee with caramel sauce and a scoop of hazelnut icecream, a real treat !
iContrast cofee
(Fresh Jellos served with vanilla/chocolate softy)
iContrast jellos
(Cool Soda with your chosen flavor & vanilla softy)
Coke Float
Black Current
Ginger Lemon
iContrast soda

I am of the opinion that real success is achieved when people work together as a team. When I started working as an individual, I developed some interesting ice-cream ideas; however, I could reach out to a substantial number of people only when my team joined me. All of us, ice-cream lovers, developed hybrid and savouring ice-cream flavours and made our loyal customers taste those ice-creams that we had prepared with passion, love and knowledge. Now, I want more people to appreciate the expertise that we have in ice-cream making. My icecreams are distinct in the fact that they are healthy, tasty and cost effective. They are made of 100% milk and rich cream, and are almost devoid of any articificial agent.

Moreover, I always strive to experiment with fresh flavours, which makes my ice-creams all the more appealing. Everytime you visit the parlour, you would be greeted with newer flavours, all of which will make you yearn for more. I want people to realize this great virtue of my ice-creams, and the best way to do so is by joining hands with people who have the same passion for ice-creams as me and my team. If you think that you are a true fan of ice-creams, and can connect with the people looking for great taste, we are willing to hear from you. Partnering with me gives you the opportunity of treating your customers to a unique and ever evolving ice-cream experience with i-Contrast.

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