Ice Cream


At I Contrast, we believe in delightful ice-creams made with 100% milk and natural flavours!

Conceptualised in 2011, we embarked on a sweet journey of offering superior ice-cream dessert experience.

Day after day we strive to create an indulgent dessert experience along with constant innovations!

With more than 200 products across 10+ categories, be ready for a dessert experience that ‘Melts your Hearts!’

P.S. Don’t forget to try our THICK-shakes!

Our heart-melting range:

Thick Shake Scoops Rolling Stone Softy Frizza Freezing Stone Hand Churned Ice Cream Kulfi Cheesecake Soft Serve Sundaes Hot Drinks Hot Desserts Soda Pop Live Nitro Ice Coffees & more Tartufos Popsicles Cold Stone Ice cream cakes Ice cream sundaes